Bruin Sports Capital in the News
Mar 12 2020
Source: CNBC
Thought Leadership
George Pyne Talks State of the Sports Industry Amid Corona Virus
Mar 11 2020
Source: SportCal
Two Cirlces Introduces Bold Strategy with Bruin
Mar 09 2020
Source: Fast Company
Disruption and Innovation
Deltatre Named One of the Industry’s Most Innovative Companies
Feb 05 2020
Source: Bloomberg
Bloomberg's Power Players Live
George Pyne on Game Changing Technology
Jan 09 2020
Source: Sports Business Journal
Bruin Sports Capital at Five
Becoming the Berkshire Hathaway of Sports
Jan 02 2020
Source: Press Release
Value Creation
Bruin Exits On Location Experiences
Jan 02 2020
Source: CNBC
Thought Leadership
George Pyne on the State of the Sports Industry for CNBC
Dec 16 2019
Source: The Wall St. Journal
Building Best in Class Businesses
Bruin Acquires Two Circles Agency
Nov 05 2019
Source: CNBC
Investing in Media's Evolution
Bruin Talks New Vision With CNBC’s Squawk Box
Nov 05 2019
Source: The New York Times
Bruin To Go Big
With $600 Million More to Spend, Bruin Thinks Bigger
Nov 05 2019
Source: Bruin Sports Capital
$600M in Capital to Start
Bruin Announces Partnership with CVC Capital Partners and The Jordan Company