Bruin was founded by George Pyne who’s career track record of crafting innovative strategies to capitalize on current and future market opportunities has generated billions in shareholder value.


Bruin was established to create, acquire and invest in best-in-class enterprises leading the future of the sports and lifestyle industries.


This is not traditional private equity. Bruin is a capitalized operating company that goes beyond transactional investments bringing a proven strategy for scale and longevity. The approach is rooted in a long-term capital base, experience in structuring platform businesses and a proven management track record that yields both flexibility and opportunity. We are decisive, move quickly and are well-positioned to capitalize on immediate opportunities.


Bruin provides unrivaled industry contacts, strategy, and support from a team of experts with decades of experience transforming and scaling businesses.


We build global businesses that lead their respective sectors and deliver sustainable growth with consistent financial returns while offering lasting value to their clients and partners.

Value Creation

We believe that value is created from a combination of creative vision, solid business execution, continuous self-improvement, plus measuring and rewarding performance against central value drivers.


We partner with world-class management teams which aim to grow and reach their full potential. We work with them to align with common goals and develop an action plan. This includes strategic and operationally-focused investment with the purpose of adding meaningful, sustainable value to each company in its portfolio. This approach allows management teams to make the best possible decisions for the business.