Bruin Sports Capital in the News
Nov 05 2019
Source: CNBC
Investing in Media's Evolution
Bruin Talks New Vision With CNBC’s Squawk Box
Nov 05 2019
Source: The New York Times
Bruin To Go Big
With $600 Million More to Spend, Bruin Thinks Bigger
Nov 05 2019
Source: Bruin Sports Capital
$600M in Capital to Start
Bruin Announces Partnership with CVC Capital Partners and The Jordan Company
Oct 19 2019
Source: Yahoo Finance
The Geopolitics of Sports and Business
George Pyne on the intersection of Free Speech, the NBA and China
Oct 18 2019
Source: Bloomberg
Thought Leadership
George Pyne’s Insights on Sports Investing
Oct 09 2019
Source: Advertising Age
Bruin and the U.S. Open
Oct 07 2019
Source: Variety
Media Disruption
OverTier Takes NFL Streaming Worldwide
Sep 16 2019
Source: Sports Business Journal
Powering The Modern Sports Era
Major League Baseball Turns to Deltatre
Jul 09 2019
Source: Nielsen
Brand Strategy = Value Creation
Soulsight Wins Global Accolades
May 17 2019
Source: Yahoo Finance
The Future of Media
George Pyne on the New Media Economy in Sports
Feb 02 2019
Source: CNBC
Thought Leaders
George Pyne on NFL’s Staying Power
Jan 07 2019
Source: SportsPro
Company Profile
Inside Bruin Sports Capital: Five Part Series on Bruin